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Εκπαιδευτικά προγράμματα για κωφούς και βαρήκοους διεθνείς μαθητές-φοιτητές

The Hellenic American University and Mentor join forces with HandsUp in order to jointly create short-term study abroad programmes specialised in and specific to Ancient Greek culture, especially designed for deaf and hard of hearing international students. It is an ambitious partnership that offers premium educational opportunities, combined with routes focused on Ancient Greek culture (with a vision to covering the whole time frame of Greek culture). The aim is for experienced Sign interpreters and staff of HandsUp innovative organisation provide accessible services to the deaf and hard of hearing students from around the world, through making the best use of the academic experience of the Hellenic American University and capitalising Mentor’s expertise in developing interactive cultural routes.


Passionate about connecting Ancient Greece’s culture and philosophy to today, οur bold mission is to enhance the appreciation and comprehension of students around the world about the astonishing so-called birthplace of Western Civilisation in an interactive, stimulating and most importantly, inclusive way.


With an emphasis on experiential, interactive learning, the intriguing credit-bearing seminars and workshops are conducted in International Sign and are especially designed for students. The programmes are the following:

The Origins of Theatre-Ancient Greek Drama 21-31 May 2018
Homeric Routes 4-14 June 2018
The Minoan Civilisation 18-28 June 2018
The 5 Sacred Cities of Ancient Greece 2-12 July 2018
Alexander the Great & the Hellenistic Age 16-26 July 2018

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